The Rivers
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 Our main emphasis is on the virtually unknown, fantastic resident fishing of Tierra del Fuego, combined with the outstanding sea run brown fishing on the Rio Grande and another small unnamed river for sea run browns. Most of our fishing for sea trout is done with floating lines and small flies. The three main tributaries of the Rio Grande are home to large numbers of 18 to 20 inch resident browns and are very angler friendly for wading. The bonus of targeting this fishery is that you never know when a sea run will put your tackle and fishing skills to the ultimate test.

Mid-October thru December are prime months for these rivers and many other spring creeks, lakes, and beaver ponds, with most of the fish being caught on dries. Although the hatches are very small or non-existent at all this time of year, the fish are hungry and very aggressive. A large dry twitched along the cutbanks is deadly!!!! (MOUSE patterns also work well during this period!)

Fagnano Lake and Azopardo River are two superb fisheries we also access. These areas are very remote, seldom fished, and only an hour and a half drive from the lodge. We have established an overnight camp area with our jetboat waiting. Because of the driving distance and amount of fishable water in this area, it is advisable to spend the night rather than day fish. Tucked in a tight valley with the 7,000 foot peaks of the Darwin Range to the south, the weather can be brutal in this area. The fishing is demanding, but there are sea run browns in good numbers, fair numbers of brookies and rainbows, plus a few sea run brookies and steelhead. In 2007 we had a British gentleman catch 2 eight pound sea runs, a 8 pound steelhead, a half a dozen 3 pound brookies, and a dozen 20 inch rainbows all in one day!!!!

Closer to home we fish four different spring creeks with a total of 30 plus miles of water, which allows us to REST sections for a week or more. Also included in our program are dozens of small lagunas and beaver ponds. These are our ACE IN THE HOLE places, they are normally rested for several weeks and when high winds, high water, or some other difficult situation occurs we can always hit one or two of these to pull out a few 24 or bigger inch fish plus a bunch of little 20 inchers!

If the above is not enough, the best is still to come.

The Stillwater

Before you turn your nose up on lake fishing, hear me out. We had three different fisherman in 2008, each with over 30 years of flyfishing experience, (one with 58 years) swear they had their best fishing day ever with us on stillwater!!! Lago Blanco is our bread-and-butter lake, but we also fish seven other semi-secret lakes that will change your attitude to lake fishing. Even if you only do it for one day during your week you will never forget it. Lago Blanco is over 10 miles long and 3 miles wide and filled with countless bays, inlets, and weedbeds. And, the best part is that you will not see another boat anywhere on the lake! Well, last season we did see one other boat on two separate occasions.

Whether you are skating large dries or stripping streamers, you will see the take on most of the fish. The lake is home to about 20% rainbows and the rest browns and 98% of the fish are 20 inches!!! I know it sounds weird but there are very few little fish and only 1 in 50 go over 24 inches. But considering I have had 80 fish days with 2 guests in my boat, (40 to 60 fish a day is about normal). The poundage caught per day on this lake is unbelievable.

We have no set time or schedule as to fishing hours and will cater to your wishes. If you want to fish until dark, which is 11pm in January, no problem. Our guides, myself included, are hardworking and if you want to fish 16 hours a day, we will do it!!! Our guides are a mixture of bilingual Chileans and a few Gringos, (North Americans) and the ratio is 2 to 1.

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